Chef Kris Morningstar Serves a Truly Awesome Burger at Terrine in Los Angeles

The Food Steez team finds out that chef Morningstar’s pricey burger is worth every penny

Chef Kris Morningstar.

There is nothing quite like walking into a restaurant and feeling as if you’ve escaped Los Angeles, and alking into Terrine on Beverly Boulevard did just that. It feels more like walking into a secluded restaurant somewhere up the coast of California, which in effect, is what the owners Francois Renaud, Stephane Bombet, and Kris Morningstar wanted.

Having an amazing patio isn’t necessarily a unique restaurant experience here in L.A. — between Silverlake and Venice we’re quite spoiled. But having the food to back it up is harder to come by, and that’s where celebrity chef-owner Kris Morningstar comes in.

Morningstar had a quiet confidence, having been a seasoned chef for quite a while. He’s won GQ’s Dish of the Year, Gayot’s Rising Star Chef award, and is a recurring judge on the show Knife Fight. He decided to make us the Terrine burger, and I have to say we were in good hands.

The burger scene in L.A. is huge; there is a ton of competition. Apparently, the first cheeseburger was invented in Pasadena, at a now defunct restaurant called the Rite Spot.  The Terrine burger is $25, which is fairly steep, but it’s worth every single penny. The burger grew in popularity starting off as a hidden gem on the secret menu then moved to the lunch menu, then was added to the dinner menu, and is now a staple of Terrine.

As an American, I’ve had a lot of burgers from barbecue joints in Texas to famous chains and fancy restaurants. This has to be arguably one of the best burgers I have ever had, hands down.  Let’s break it down:

The bun was toasted, had a spread of a creamy sage aioli, and the patty had a good amount of truffle butter mixed into the center. On top, he used a lesser-known Italian cheese called sottocenere, which is a semi-firm cheese, with hints of black truffle. Morningstar then piled lettuce and caramelized shallots on top to add a bit of a crunch. But here is the kicker: atop it all was foie gras, something completely unexpected, but entirely appreciated. It was savory and sweet, and we tried to relish every single moment, licking every crumb off the plate.

If you’re a burger fanatic, add this place to your list now — the price is steep but it is worth it, I promise. And if you’re not a fan of burgers, they have an incredible selection of French and American cuisine.

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