You Can Cheeto-fy Your Selfies With This App

Why does this feel like the best thing ever?

Cheetos has released an iPhone app that turns your photos into Cheeto-art. “Cheetos Vision” lets you transform photos of yourself, your friends, your dog, and even your videos and boomerangs, into Cheetos filled photos. It’s your face, but made out of those crunchy orange-finger-inducing cheese snacks.

“Cheetos Vision is an A.I. camera that finds Cheetos snacks in everything it sees. When the user takes a photo, the A.I. system analyzes the image and generates a reconstruction with Cheetos snacks,” says the app description from the Apple store.

Chester Cheetah announced the news of “Cheetos Vision” on his official Twitter account with a stunning video showing users all the fun tricks they can do with Cheetos Vision.

“Introducing Cheetos Vision. Because everything looks better in Cheetos,” the account tweeted.

Unfortunately the photo app doesn’t have a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos option yet, but we’re hoping that since they’re one of today’s most popular snack foods, we’ll be able to Cheeto-fy ourselves with spicy red Flamin’ Hots soon.