This Cheese-Pop-Tart Sandwich Is So Nasty The Cops Are Getting Involved

Iowa State University sophomore Chris Jorgensen posted a photo of a sandwich made out of Pop-Tarts and a slice of cheese product to his Twitter account.

"You ain't from Iowa if you never had one of these," he captioned the photo of what appeared to be two frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts with a Kraft Single sandwiched between them. 

Seemingly overnight, the tweet went viral. The internet exploded with rage, confusion, and disgust at Jorgensen's obtuse flavor combination.


"I've lived in Iowa and never have I EVER seen anybody eat these," said NoobishNova.

Some Iowans even denounced the college student from their state and hilariously passed him around until they settled on a place they felt fit enough to claim the "sandwich artist".

"On behalf of iowa, this man is not from iowa. passing to wisconsin since theyre the cheese state," tweeted xnecie.

"We do not accept," said Wisconsin tweeter AijOkay.

"i think florida can take this one," answered Brennen Knox.

"On behalf of FL, we'll give him to Colorado. I'm sure someone who's high enough will claim him," Precious responded, settling the dispute.

The Twitter barrage of disgust got so out of hand that it even attracted the attention of Iowa State University Police. They retweeted the photo and wrote, "You're under arrest".

However, Jorgensen was able to have the last word, via an opinion from a writer with the opinion piece by Lisa Gutierrez of the Kansas City Star.

"Lisa nailed it," he wrote. "So it's not really an 'Iowa thing' after all. It's more of a 'bored college student' thing." It's still probably safe to say that this culinary creation is the food people hate the most in this state.