Groceries Are Cheapest On This Day Of The Week, According To New Research

If you shop for food on the weekend, you're making a huge mistake. Research compiled by the Colorado-based mobile technology company Ibotta suggests that it costs more to buy groceries on Saturday and Sunday. While it could be more convenient to go to the market on your day off, a weekday trip might save you some money.

According to a report by Today, things can then get a little tricky. The exact weekday in which you should visit the store depends on what you'd like to buy. According to Ibotta's research, the company recommends going on a Tuesday for wine (4 percent cheaper), Wednesdays for bread (2 percent cheaper) and beer (1 percent cheaper), Thursday for snacks (less than 1 percent cheaper), and Friday for ice cream (1 percent cheaper).

Those numbers might seem a small, but they could add up over time! Not convinced? From coupons to what kind of music is rocking through your headphones, here are 14 brilliant tips and tricks to save money at the grocery store.