A Chat With Chef Tony Street Of Dallas' Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

It isn't easy being a steakhouse in Dallas. You can't throw a horseshoe without hitting one, for starters, so everyone is always trying to out-steak one another.

But one place in Dallas is making its mark with classic Texas ranch décor and a menu that offers plenty of real Texas game alongside the more classic steakhouse fare: Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse.

Here's what chef and owner Tony Street had to say about his "little bit of the Texas Hill Country:"

The Daily Meal: How would you describe Y.O. Ranch?
Chef Tony Street:
Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is a premiere steakhouse located in Dallas' historic West End that serves five-star food in an authentic Texan and relaxed atmosphere.

Texas is known for its steakhouses, what makes Y.O. different?
Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse serves high-quality steaks, but also has a wide variety of chef-driven items including a large selection of wild game dishes including rattlesnake chili pie, venison roll ups, and espresso-crusted elk tenderloin.

What was the inspiration for creating Y.O.?
My business partner and I were having drinks at the actual Y.O. Ranch out in Mountain Home, Texas and decided to bring a little bit of the Texas Hill Country to Dallas and open a restaurant to honor the ranch.

How would you characterize the menu offerings at Y.O.?
The entire menu is influenced by the Texas Hill Country and Y.O. Ranch itself. Texas twists can be seen throughout the entire menu like the Hill Country Scotch eggs are made with quail eggs instead of a chicken egg and the catty cakes made of catfish rather than crab meat. 

What are some of the menu favorites of diners at Y.O.?
Some of the most popular menu items include the venison rollups made up of bacon-wrapped venison, jalapeno, and smoked mozzarella that's grilled and brushes with molasses Dijon; Buffalo filet mignon, and the chicken fried lobster served with lemon caper butter cream.

What's your personal favorite dish on the menu?
I love the tomahawk ribeye. It's a huge cut that serves two people and is carved right in front of our guests, tableside.

Can you explaina bit about what makes the bar program at Y.O. special?
One of our most popular drinks, the cactus Margarita, is made with specially selected tequila and cactus juice that comes right here from Texas. We do have some new additions coming to our cocktail program — stay tuned!

The décor at Y.O. is very distinct. Can you tell us about that?
All of the décor from the family pictures on the wall, to the naturally shed deer antler chandeliers, and the pieces of barn installed on the walls comes from the actual Y.O. Ranch. It is completely authentic and each piece of décor has a story tracing back to the ranch.

Anything exciting coming up for Y.O.?
We will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary next spring. We're excited to continue to bring a little bit of Y.O. Ranch to Dallas.