A Chat with Chef Anthony Endy of Paul Martin's American Grill in Dallas


Chef Anthony Endy’s three mushroom burger.

The best part of the Dallas dining scene is that there is always something new popping up. And, when it comes to good food, there’s always room for and interest in something new, too. Paul Martin’s American Grill is one of the latest on the Dallas scene. Its bustling, upscale atmosphere — combined with truly killer food and outstanding service — is making it a hot ticket almost any night of the week. If you want to enjoy happy hour, get there early and be prepared to mix and mingle.

Here’s chef Anthony Endy of Paul Martin’s American Grill, on just want it is that makes Paul Martin’s shine.

The Daily Meal: How would you describe Paul Martin’s?
Chef Anthony Endy: It’s the restaurant you go to for great food and fun times. Happy hour, lunch, dinner, or brunch — there’s an occasion for everyone. Our environment is casual with an upscale vibe, which means you’ll feel comfortable while enjoying the best service and the highest quality ingredients.

What was the thinking behind opening a Paul Martin’s in Dallas?
Last year was the first time we stepped outside of California and into another state (Arizona). We wanted to continue our national growth and we believed the Dallas community would welcome our concept and appreciate the effort behind our menu.

How would you characterize the menu?
American, all natural, and made from scratch.

What are some of the menu favorites of diners at Paul Martin’s?
Along with our fish tacos, our “brick” chicken has always been a fan favorite. We debone all-natural free-range chicken and marinate it in rosemary, thyme, garlic, and olive oil overnight. It’s then cooked skin side down and weighted down with a cast iron pan to sear in the juices. Then it’s served with house-made mashed potatoes, fresh herb jus, and house-made za’atar croutons.

What’s your personal favorite dish on the menu?
It depends on the day! Every dish is a personal favorite of mine. Today though, I’m craving our three mushroom burger. We make our own vegetarian patties with three types of mushrooms and top it with fresh arugula and house-made pesto aioli. 

What are some of your favorite things to cook and ingredients with which to cook?
I love going to Farmers Markets for seasonal produce and taking them home to cook. Don't get me wrong, I love proteins, but it's the produce and the seasons that give me satisfaction as a chef. Nothing beats corn and tomatoes during their prime in the summer, or winter squash at its peak. These are the ingredients I fall in love with because they are the flavors that create many memories throughout the year. Don't get me wrong, I love proteins, but it's the produce and the seasons that give me satisfaction as a chef.

I understand there is something very special about the charcuterie at Paul Martin’s. Can you tell us about that?
Absolutely! You may have noticed our charcuterie station behind the bar. Every day, we butcher our own meats and for the charcuterie, we slice our meats upon being ordered. This is fundamental to good quality and has been sacred to Paul Martin’s since we started in 2007.

Can you tell readers a bit about what makes the bar program at Paul Martin’s special?
We offer an extensive wine list, craft beers, and house-infused spirits. With nearly 100 wines to choose from, most are offered by the glass. In our list of beers, we have five rotating handles from local Texas breweries. For our cocktails, we take pride in perfecting each recipe with the top spirits and infusing our own vodka. During happy hour, selected wine, beer, and cocktails are $5 to $9.

Does the menu rotate at Paul Martin’s?
Every season, we always update our produce and update our menu with a few dishes to ensure the best quality and taste.

What is the one thing that you think surprises people about Paul Martin’s?
Today, most restaurants use the words “fresh” and “all natural.” Surprisingly though, this was our concept long before it became a way of life for everyone and when people read about our story, I think they’re surprised to hear what those words really mean to us.

Fresh and all natural means everything and our menu starts with the freshest raw ingredients. Our meats arrive whole to slice, our whipped cream begins with whole vanilla beans, our burgers are ground fresh daily, et cetera. We don’t receive anything frozen or pre-made.

How does Paul Martin’s advance the dining scene in Dallas?


We felt that the Turtle Creek area was missing a go-to spot – one that offers top-notch service and food, but with a comfortable, inviting atmosphere and accessible prices. We feel we can be the local community restaurant for any occasion. Business lunches, happy hour with friends, dinner dates, weekend brunches — you name it!