Celestino Ristorante in Pasadena Highlights Truffle Season

The Italian restaurant Celestino offers a unique mushroom menu through the end of March
Celestino Ristorante

Chef Drago’s veal carpaccio with fresh shaved truffle and pecorino cheese at Celestino.

In Pasadena, Celestino Ristorante’s seasonal mushroom and truffle menu kicks off with morels. Most commonly found in their dried form, morel mushrooms are only available fresh for a very brief period each year. The rich, meaty flavor and texture of these fresh mushrooms are featured in dishes including tagliolini with fresh morels and pecorino cheese, veal scaloppini with fresh fava beans and fresh morels, and in chef Drago’s famed risotto with baby scallops and fresh morels.

Porcini mushrooms are featured in house made pappardelle and risotto, tender roasted rack of veal with fresh porcini, and porcini mushroom soup with black truffle.

Celestino Ristorante’s seasonal mushroom and truffle menu features five truffle options, including veal carpaccio with fresh shaved truffle and pecorino cheese, risotto with fresh shaved truffle, gnocchi stuffed with mushroom in a truffle cheese sauce, and filet of sole with mixed vegetables and shaved truffles. Additionally, the restaurant is offering the luxurious tortellini with meat in a saffron, pecorino, and black pepper sauce with fresh truffle.

For those who want to take luxury to an even higher level, Celestino Ristorante also has the incredibly rare white truffle on hand. 

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