In Celebration Of American Sign Language Day, Burger King Wants To Create An Official Sign For 'Whopper Sandwich'

In celebration of National American Sign Language day on Friday, April 15, Burger King is launching a special campaign to help raise awareness for the ASL community by creating a sign for the chain's most popular item, the Whopper sandwich.

In a new video, the Burger King himself takes a moment to "break his silence" and introduce himself to ASL speakers, inviting them to help create an official ASL sign for "Whopper."

One ASL signer suggests that the Whopper sign should be a King's crown on a burger, while another suggests taking a giant bite out of an imaginary Whopper.

In the ad, dozens of ASL speakers who were invited to review a deaf-friendly Burger King restaurant, complete with ASL menu items and a signing Burger King mascot, expressed delight and appreciation for the company's forward-thinking tribute to American Sign Language.

"I hope this is what it will be like in the future," one man signs, "[and that] other businesses will do this as well. And ASL will continue to grow and spread."

To submit your own idea for the official ASL sign for Whopper, send your sign to Burger King with the hashtag #WhopperSign.