cbd jelly beans
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Jelly Belly Creator David Klein Now Makes CBD Candies

CBD does not have mind-altering properties
cbd jelly beans
daniel_wiedemann / istockphoto

David Klein created Jelly Belly in 1976. 

The inventor of Jelly Belly wants you to chill out with a new line of non-psychoactive CBD-infused sweets. Per his company Spectrum Confections, David Klein — better known as “The Candyman” — is now selling jelly beans with 10 milligrams of CBD per bean in 38 different flavors ranging from piña colada and toasted marshmallow to strawberry cheesecake and mango. They come in regular, sugar-free or sour, and are sanded with sweetener (dextrose or sugar-free malitol) to mask the taste of CBD.

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So what exactly is CBD? It’s a naturally occurring chemical compound found in cannabis (yes, the same plant THC comes from), but it doesn’t get you high. It’s regarded as a safe, non-addictive substance and is used in oils and foods like gummies and chocolate to help people feel calm and relaxed. Some research shows it could also aid in sleep and help people manage pain, acne and other ailments and disorders. One of our editors recently trialed it to see if it would relieve her anxiety. The only thing is: CBD is not currently regulated by the FDA, so there’s no sure way of knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Spectrum Confections’ website doesn't want you to worry about that. It claims its patent-pending formula is tested in a lab to ensure the correct amount of CBD is added to each jelly bean, and that “we are a USA company who prides ourselves in having products that can be trusted as well as have the best flavor profile on the market. We know and love candy!”

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But if you want these jellies, you might have to wait a while. The candy is in such high demand that the online store is completely out of stock. Hopefuls over 18 years old can use the contact form or send an email directly to SpectrumConfections@gmail.com to personally request a batch. Tapping in to CBD is just a new way to consume one of America’s oldest candies.