Carvel’s Giant Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Is the Ultimate Party Cake

And it’s being sold for the first time ever in grocery stores across the US

Carvel has released a new ice cream cookie cake to be sold for the first time ever in grocery stores across the U.S. The dessert is, essentially, one huge vanilla ice cream sandwich between two chocolate chip cookies bigger than your head. And, to top it all off, the outer rim is rolled in the chain’s signature chocolate “crunchies” for a little extra pizzazz.

According to a press release, Carvel’s new product is intended as a convenience for parents while their children transition back to school — the cake can be quickly picked up from the store to send with kids for class parties or other events. It could also serve as a delicious no-fuss birthday cake.

The team at Carvel sent The Daily Meal one of the new cakes so we could do a taste test. The staff’s reactions were almost unanimously positive — one editor branded the dessert the “ultimate party cake” because of its robust chocolate deliciousness.

“The cookies are so nice and chewy!” and “Yummy! The cookie and crunch combo with ice cream is awesome!” were a couple notable reviews. The cookies held everything together so wonderfully that we didn’t even need utensils, though the cake also yielded cohesive bites for those inclined to eat with a fork.  


Shoppers can find Carvel’s new ice cream cookie cake in the freezer section of Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant Landover, Giant Carlisle, and Shoprite. For more experimental ice cream fun, check out The Daily Meal’s ultimate ice cream sandwich taste test.