Trader Joe's

Can You Guess Which States Don’t Have a Trader Joe’s?

Eight states are still left off the Trader Joe’s map

It wasn’t so long ago when you could still consider yourself to be very fortunate if there was a Trader Joe’s within driving range from you. The supermarket chain, which is a thing of cultish devotion to many, is extremely picky about where it chooses to open new locations, and does tons of due diligence and market research before investing in a new outpost.

There are currently 465 locations of Trader Joe’s in the U.S., with more opening all the time, and there are only eight states with no Trader Joe’s in them: Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming. You can find a listing of every single Trader Joe’s location here; it’s updated monthly.

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If you feel strongly that your town would be a perfect location for a TJ’s, you can shoot them an email here and plead your case. But just remember: They’re really picky. If you are lucky enough to have a TJ’s near you, these 53 products are employees’ favorites.