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Can You Guess Which Cereal Has the Same Percentage of Sugar as a Hershey Bar?

The sheer quantity of sugar in this cereal is mind-blowing

We all know that some cereals are absolutely loaded with sugar; just eat a spoonful and your teeth will start hurting. But while it’s easy to tell that these cereals are sweet, it can be tough to tell which cereals are sweeter than others — and which ones have so much sugar that it’s almost laughable. One cereal in particular has more sugar than any other out there, with an even higher percentage of sugar than many candy bars.

That cereal? Honey Smacks. The most sugar-dense cereal on the market today, they were introduced as Sugar Smacks in 1953, then changed to Honey Smacks, then Smacks, then back to Honey Smacks. The cereal that made Dig ‘Em famous is a whopping 55.6 percent sugar, and a 35-gram serving contains 19.4 grams of sugar, equal to nearly five packets of sugar or almost two Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts. 

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Let’s compare that to a milk chocolate Hershey bar, which contains 41 grams of sugar in a 73-gram serving. Do the math and it clocks in at 56.1 percent sugar, nearly the same as Honey Smacks. You’ll need to eat two servings of Smacks to down the same amount of sugar as a Hershey Bar, but if you’ve ever helped yourself to a second bowl of cereal, you’ll know that’s not so hard to do.