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Now You Can Get a Burger King Whopper for a Penny... By Going to McDonald's

We're going to McDonald's... psych!

Burger King has come out with the wildest hack for its customers to get a practically free Whopper, and all it takes is going to the local McDonald’s. Anyone who opens the Burger King mobile app while standing within 600 feet of a McDonald’s restaurant will be able to order a Whopper sandwich for 1 cent.

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Burger King is calling the thrifty hack the “Whopper Detour.” The fast food chain’s app will be able to tell whether users are in one of the geofenced areas around 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. If so, the app will unlock the penny promotion, giving customers access to order a 1 cent Whopper, before “detouring” you to the closest Burger King restaurant for pick up. If Burger King's mobile ordering is anything like their drive-thru service, picking up your sandwich should be pretty speedy.

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The 1-cent Whopper deal begins December 4 and ends December 12, and can be redeemed only once. You must be 600 feet away or less from a McDonald’s restaurant for the promotion to work. Didn’t realize Burger King had deals like this? BK has a history of being innovative. Check out 25 things you didn’t know about your favorite fast food chains.