Burger King's Flamin' Hot Mac N' Cheetos Have Set Twitter Users On Fire With Joy

Although they tried to get away with only selling their Flamin' Hot Mac N' Cheetos sticks in the frozen aisle of some supermarkets, Burger King finally had to cave and begin selling the spicy snack inside Burger King restaurants nationwide.

That means Twitter users who were formerly complaining about not having access to the radioactive-looking red cheesy sticks at their supermarkets can go to their local Burger King store and pick some up hot. That's right — no defrosting or oven wait-time on your part necessary.

Twitter users are already considering the move a massive upgrade to their lifestyles. Many took to social media to express their gratitude at how easy it is to procure these tasty snacks.

"I might need more of those Flamin Hot Mac n Cheetos tomorrow imho," said user @han_yolo_.

I'm already craving more of those damn flamin' hot Mac n Cheetos! So so so delicious with ranch of course lol," tweeted @hnllz1015.

But some Twitter users are totally freaking out and taking it beyond gratitude, ascending into the stratosphere of insane joy. We get it, though: Who doesn't want flamin' hot dusted macaroni and cheese in little bars? It's genius!

can i get uhhhhhhhhhh 47484757 orders of the new flamin hot Mac n Cheetos," tweeted @Kenzhaim.

"Currently at Burger King getting flamin hot Mac n Cheetos and I'm having an out of body experience," said Hannah Grace.

Could this be one of the 15 most bizarre fast-food menu items of all time? Honestly, we don't think so, but you had better try it for yourself, because this spicy cheese snack is only around for a limited time.