Burger King Drive-Thru Employee Goes Viral After Helping Diabetic Customer

The customer, whose blood sugar was very low, needed food quickly
burger king
Rebecca Boening / RiverNorthPhotography / istockphoto.com

An employee at a Burger King in Amarillo, Texas, has gone viral after she went out of her way to help an ailing diabetic customer. Rebecca Boening was driving along a highway when she noticed her blood sugar was dangerously low. When she got off at the next exit, she entered the drive-thru of a local Burger King and told the worker she needed food, fast.

“As I stumbled through placing my order I mentioned to the voice on the speaker that I was diabetic and in need of food. Low blood sugar makes it difficult to think or act,” Boening wrote on Facebook. When she pulled up to the first window, she noticed a Burger King employee racing toward the front of her car. Tina Hardy squeezed between Boening’s car and the building to deliver her a small serving of ice cream before heading back inside. Boening paid and pulled up to the next window where she received the rest of her food.

Hardy, who has a diabetic husband, instructed Boening to park across the driveway so she could keep an eye on her until she felt better. Once she did, she returned to the drive-thru window to tell the restaurant’s supervisor about the employee’s selfless deed.

A couple days later, Hardy’s story went viral after Boening posted it to her Facebook, where it now has over 353,000 likes and nearly 149,000 shares. There are 31,000 comments of praise for the worker who’s being called an “angel,” a “blessing,” and a “wonderful young lady.”

“People think fast food work is easy and sucks… It’s not, people like you make this job rewarding and that is hard work when everyone thinks it’s easy. Serving food is a blessing, if we didn’t have people like you, we would hunger in so many ways (smiley face),” Stephannie Garcia Samora wrote. And Laurie Lusk exclaimed, “This is awesome to see people still will rush to help someone in need! Thank you Tina! Burger King you are lucky to have someone as caring as Tina Hardy!”

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