Bud Light Gives Royal Response After 'Dilly Dilly' Phrase Banned From This Year's Masters

"Dilly Dilly" denied.

Augusta National staff at this year's Masters has reportedly been given a sheet with a list of sayings that are prohibited from the tournament. Among the list of phrases is "Dilly Dilly" the Bud Light slogan from its ad campaign during the NFL season, according to Bryce Ritchie of Bunkered Online.

Anyone who shouts one of the phrases on the list will be kicked out of the Masters immediately, Ritchie reported.

"Dilly Dilly" became popular thanks to the many commercials Bug Light ran throughout the football season, including a multi-part ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

Bud Light responded to the reported ban by posting a letter from "their King" King John Barley IV on Twitter saying that they planned to send 1,000 "Dilly, Dilly" shirts to Augusta for fans to wear.

"Your king hath received word that the guards of the Green Jacket plan to escort any patron who dare utter Dilly Dilly off yon premises. Except for myself, I am against tyranny in all forms. So, I have instructed my royal tailors to make 1,000 Dilly Dilly shirts that shall be delivered to Georgia in time for the festivities," the post read. "For if thou cannot say Dilly Dilly, thou can still wear Dilly Dilly."

Professional golf has had a problem with rowdy spectators this season and it could be why Augusta is reportedly cracking down.

In March, Rory McIlroy suggested limiting alcohol sales at events after one fan kept yelling McIlroy's wife's name at him during the Arnold Palmer Invitational, according to CBS Sports.

"I know that people want to come and enjoy themselves and whatever, and I'm all for that, but sometimes when the comments get personal and people get a little bit rowdy it can get a little much," McIlroy said.

"It used to be like you bring beers on to the course or buy beers but not liquor. And now it seems like everyone's walking around with a cocktail or whatever. So I don't know whether it's just go back to letting people walk around with beers in their hand, that's fine, but, I don't know."

McIlroy wasn't the only golfer to raise issues with fans.

Justin Thomas had a fan ejected at the Honda Classic in February. He shared that a particular person was yelling things "that weren't necessary over and over again."

Thomas tweeted that he felt bad having the fan kicked out and thanked the fans who support the golfers on every tour.

The Masters begin on April 5 from August National in Georgia.