This Brunch Sandwich Uses Hash Browns Instead Of Bread

We seem to be entering the peak sandwich era. Professional and amateur chefs no longer seem constrained by the traditional practice of "sandwiching" your ingredients between two slices of bread. Professional and amateur chefs have gone rogue in replacing those white and whole grain ends.

The trend isn't new. KFC introduced its Double Down — replacing the biscuit in its bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken way back in 2010. And sure, the Atkins Diet encouraged people to swap bread for, ugh, lettuce. These days, you can order an avocado burger that bookends the patty with two avocado halves or, hell, wrap your burger in glazed donuts for perhaps the ultimate brunch burger.

Brooklyn restaurant Hudson Jane is getting into the delicious-but-probably-challenging-to-eat sandwich game with its literally trademarked Double Brown. Berkshire pork belly, a fried egg, and and tomato are served between two crispy hash brown patties.

Listen, I'd probably eat most of these things, but I'm definitely going to need a knife and fork. If you eat a sandwich with a knife and fork, is it still a sandwich?