Bride Still In Her Wedding Dress Filmed Eating Burger At A Hockey Game

Erica Skuta and her husband Lewis Blake—a native of New Zealand—live Down Under but they are huge fans of Skuta's hometown hockey team.

After their wedding reception on Nov. 29, the couple headed over to the Xcel Energy Center arena to catch the Minnesota Wild play the Dallas Stars.

"When we got engaged, we both joked how neat it would be to do something a little different and have an after-reception party at a Wild game," Skuta  told BuzzFeed. "When the schedule was released at the start of the season and the game fell on the same day as the wedding, we had to go for it."

Still decked out in their fancy wedding attire, Skuta and her new husband trying to get on the Jumbotron –but their photo-op didn't go exactly to plan.  The camera caught Skuta just as she was digging into a burger and Lewis was distracted watching the game.  But later, Lewis was caught lovingly dabbing his new wife's mouth–because after all eating a greasy burger in your wedding dress is hard.

Fox Sports North first posted the video to its Facebook page, where it has been viewed more than 45,000 times. A YouTube clip has been viewed over 370,000 times. The instant Internet fame initially freaked Skuta out.

"I was kind of terrified when I first learned I was eating a cheeseburger on TV," the recent bride told the Star Tribune. "The response has been insane."

But the comments have mostly been positive, many writing that they "want a girl like that" or calling the gesture "love at its finest." But Skuta says it's simply who they are as a couple.

"We're just two people who enjoy hockey and burgers," Skuta said.

The adventurous couple will spend their honeymoon hiking along the state's North Shore along the Canadian border before returning home to New Zealand.


This article was originally published on December 4, 2015