Boston Market Launches Rewards Program, Is Giving Away 1 Ton Of Mac And Cheese

How much macaroni and cheese can you eat? Are you famous for scarfing down mashed potatoes like there's no tomorrow? If you love side dishes as much as main courses, get yourself to Boston Market for the deal of a lifetime. The restaurant chain is giving one determined diner a full ton of the side dish of their choice — yes, an actual, literal ton, meaning 2,000 pounds.

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The ton of sides contest is in conjunction with the launch of Boston Market's new Rotisserie Rewards Program. Like other chain restaurant rewards programs, Boston Market's new loyalty program gives customers who use the new Boston Market app for iOS or Android points with every purchase. You'll earn one point per dollar spent, plus receive a free, fresh-baked chocolate chunk cookie for signing up. Most of the rewards are pretty standard. Thirty points, for instance, gets you a free individual side, dessert or fountain beverage; 100 points can be redeemed for $10 off your order. The twist comes at 10,000 points (also known as $10,000 spent).

The first person to earn 10,000 Rotisserie Rewards points can cash in the points for 1 ton of the side dish of his or her choice. Maybe a bowl of mac and cheese that's large enough to swim in, or one serving of sweet corn every day for years, or a bathtub full of mashed potatoes. The choices are straight out of a cartoon.

If you're not the lucky winner of the 1-ton treasure, you can still earn points to be redeemed for other prizes, such as a free pot pie, prime rib meal or even a free holiday heat-and-serve meal for up to 12 people. Boston Market, of course, is still an active chain, but when's the last time you had a Super Shef burger (their spelling, not ours) from Burger Chef? Check out these chain restaurants we bet you forgot existed.