Blue Bell Will Now Deliver Ice Cream to Your Door

If you can’t get Blue Bell near where you live, the company will ship it to you — for $129

After a serious listeria scandal, Blue Bell is working to get back on America’s good side.

Blue Bell, the Texas-based ice cream company working to rebuild consumer trust after a devastating and widespread listeria outbreak earlier this year, has announced that it will begin delivering ice cream to any home in the United States.

The company, which does indeed have a cult following — black market cartons of Blue Bell showed up on the Internet after the entire product line was recalled, despite the known listeria risk — so it’s not a huge surprise that Blue Bell has decided to capitalize on its popularity.

For $129, devoted ice cream fans can get four half gallons of five available flavors:  Buttered Pecan, Cookies 'n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla, and The Great Divide.


On the company’s website, Blue Bell noted apologetically that most of the cost was due to shipping charges “but it is one way to get ‘the best ice cream in the country’ to you or someone else who can’t get it otherwise.”