Activated Charcoal Cheese Will Feed Your Evil Soul

If a normal cheese plate sounds too cheery for your sinister soul, this restaurant in Indonesia is here for you. Willie Brothers, an American-style steakhouse in Jakarta, is serving up dark, oozing plates of "Venom Cheese," a  mozzarella cheese infused with pitch-black activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is derived from the shells of burnt coconuts and rumored to provide various health benefits, including detoxification and teeth whitening. Though some of the ways charcoal has come to be used are pretty misguided, people have found some practical applications, including bloating relief and face masks. (But please don't smear this cheese on your face.)

Upon realizing the potential of its jarring appearance, restaurants have started to serve some not-so-healthy food infused with activated charcoal. Enter: jet-black ice cream, hamburger buns, and even fried fish.

Willie Brothers' Venom Cheese inverts the traditional milky-white hue of typical mozzarella so it instead looks like something that might ooze from an octopus, an alien, or an unblocked portal to the underworld.

"Embrace the darker side," their video taunts.

And maybe don't use this cheese to detox. The gooey, plasma-like cheese is poured over a number of greasy, high-calorie menu items, including thick slabs of steak. They also offer the substance atop a tower of garlic rice or a hamburger, looking more like melted tar than a chunk of fresh dairy.

But despite the dark appearance of this menu item, Venom Cheese apparently tastes great.

"The taste of the cheese is kinda different from normal mozzarella," a representative from Willie Brothers told The Daily Meal over Facebook. "It's a little bit more salty with a stronger smell, and the texture is thicker. Plus, the charcoal adds a bitter sensation you've never tasted before."

Though there are no reviews of the cheese yet online, customers seemed excited about the cheese's release.

"That's awesome!!" exclaimed Instagram commenters.

Be careful eating the cheese if you're taking any medications — it just might counteract your birth control. But trying this cheese certainly won't kill you. It's not as deadly as these other dangerous foods and drinks.