This Is The Best Way To Revive Stale Bread

Fresh bread is one of the most delicious foods on earth. But stale bread is a bummer. You buy a beautiful baguette, use half of it, and by the time you want to finish it the following day it's as hard as a rock. But don't despair! There's actually a way to revive stale bread, and even though it's a little strange, it really works.

The secret to bringing back stale bread is to think about what makes bread go stale in the first place: moisture loss. As bread sits around, the moisture inside it evaporates, leaving it hard as a rock. So if you want to revive stale bread, you have to somehow get that lost moisture back into it. How? Run it under some water!

We're not talking about soaking the bread here; just a couple seconds under the faucet should do it. After the bread is nice and damp, stick it in a 350-degree oven for five to ten minutes (directly on the rack works best), and as the moisture turns to steam it'll work its way through the bread, softening it up and restoring its crusty crust.

Now, obviously, this technique only works with crusty breads like rolls and baguettes. If you run, say, a slice of Wonder bread under the faucet and then bake it, you'll wind up with something that you probably don't want to eat (honestly, if your pre-sliced bread is starting to go stale, just stick it in the toaster and cross your fingers). But if you want to bring back those leftover dinner rolls, trust us: Run them under the faucet and put them in the oven. It should work like a charm, but if you're still not satisfied, you can always clean your floors with it!