Photos by Dan Myers, Composite by Kathleen Collins

We Tried 25 Store-Bought Chocolate Chip Cookies, and This One’s the Best

Have you tried it?
Photos by Dan Myers, Composite by Kathleen Collins

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the rare examples of the perfect food: sweet, chocolatey and, under the right circumstances, balanced out with the perfect ratio of brown sugar, butter and vanilla. They’re also infinitely customizable. You can add nuts, play around with chocolate varieties and tweak the recipe so they’re as chewy or crunchy as you like.

The Best Cookie in Every State

Another great thing about chocolate chip cookies? You can find a massive array of them at the grocery store. From soft-baked to super crispy, from super cheap to more expensive, you can buy pretty much any type of chocolate chip cookie you’re looking for. We sampled 25 of them in a recent taste test, and one cookie came out on top.

Our taste test ran the gamut from top-sellers like Chips Ahoy to lesser-known brands like Back to Nature and everything in between (including some vegan and gluten-free varieties). But the cookie that came out on top was none other than Pepperidge Farm’s Farmhouse Dark Chocolate Chip variety.


Dan Myers

These cookies (which are marketed as “thin and crispy”) are made with just a handful of ingredients including semi-sweet chocolate, butter, sugar, brown sugar, eggs and vanilla. They had a nice, crisp texture without being too hard or crumbly, and we could tell that the chocolate was of high quality. You could really detect the brown sugar, butter and vanilla, too, giving them a home-baked taste. In short, they’re pretty much perfect. You can find our full ranking (which includes a couple that were nearly inedible) here.