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The Best Restaurants in America, According to Yelp

And some of them aren’t even expensive

At this point, our favorite app to use is Yelp. We tweet and we Instagram, but we are absolutely addicted to reading Yelp reviews and learning as much as we can about restaurants we’ve loved, restaurants we’ve hated, and restaurants on our “someday” list.

The Best Restaurants in America, According to Yelp Gallery

Yelpers get real with you real fast, and will expose the good, the bad, and the ugly about a place, all before you’ve even made a reservation. Sometimes Yelp photos and tips have helped us pre-plan our dinner orders before we’ve even seen the menu.

Yelp also employs internal researchers who are always working to develop new ways to make their treasure trove of reviews useful to diners. That’s why The Daily Meal was elated to get an exclusive look at a list of the most popular sit-down restaurants in America based on an algorithm that interprets a restaurant’s star rating and the volume of reviews devoted to it.

Yelp’s list runs the gamut from fancy to familiar, but all of these have earned plaudits from Yelp reviewers for providing excellent dining-in experiences. These restaurants may not have earned Michelin stars, but they’ve statistically done the best job of making nearly everyone very happy — which is no easy feat. We pulled some of the most telling reviews — leaving in place the Yelpers’ sometimes-dodgy grammar and capitalization —and included them below, because whether the place in question is a sports bar or a Thai restaurant, the reviews don’t lie. These are the best sit-down restaurants in America, according to Yelp.

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