The Best Monday Night Football and All-You-Can-Eat Wing Deal in New York City

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and Old Camp Whiskey had a baby and named it Old Camp Sticky Wings

 Old Camp Sticky Wings

New York City, this one’s for you.

Enjoy Monday night football and all-you-can-eat barbeque wings at Brother Jimmy’s Murray Hill.

Brother Jimmy’s and Old Camp Whiskey created an exclusive whiskey wing and it belongs in mah belly. I’m all about a good deal and all-I-can-eats, so get your Monday night football on at Brother Jimmy’s for some “Old Camp Sticky Wings”.

Country music duo Florida Georgia Line’s peachy pecan whiskey and Brother Jimmy’s BBQ came together to create these exclusive southern flavors. Monday Night Football is already good, but getting a hot deal can make it great. Every Monday, football-lovers can find all you can eat Old Camp Sticky Wings and draft beer for $19.95 at Brother Jimmy’s. Old Camp Whiskey shots will also be on special for $4.


This deal ends October 9 so don’t miss out! But in case you do, you can re-create the party at home with this recipe.