The Best Hot Dog In America

There are plenty of good reasons why hot dogs are such a popular summertime staple: They're tasty, they're cheap and they're incredibly easy to prepare. But there's a big difference between a boiled store-bought hot dog on a nondescript bun and the ones that leave a lasting impression. So, where can you find a truly exceptional hot dog?

The Best Burger in Every State

When determining America's best hot dog, the criteria included local and national renown, the quality of the ingredients and the overall hot dog-eating experience. Based on those parameters, the cream of the crop is the Ripper from Rutt's Hut in Clifton, New Jersey.

Right now, you might be asking yourself, "What is a Ripper?" This iconic wiener starts as a normal hot dog that is then deep-fried, causing the crispy casing to split. But the key to this dish's success is in the sauce — or relish, to be exact. Rutt's Hut has a secret recipe for the garnish, which includes a mixture of mustard and spices.

Whether you order an In-And-Outer (just a quick dunk in the oil), a Ripper, a well-done Weller or the crunchy, almost-overcooked Cremator, a trip to Rutt's Hut not only guarantees you legendary dogs, but also a trip down memory lane — it's just one of the greatest old-school restaurants in America.