The Best Guacamole In America (Slideshow)

10) Boudro’s, San Antonio

This San Antonio restaurant kicks up the citrus flavor in its guacamole. A mix of lime and orange juice give this guac a unique taste; check out the recipe and try it for yourself. 

9) Lola, Denver, Colo.

Renowned in Denver for its tableside guacamole, Lola ups the ante on heat by eschewing jalapenos for serrano peppers. It is also adds garlic and insists on keeping the avocado chunky. 

8) Los Gringos Locos, Los Angeles

Here's a restaurant offering tableside guacamole with a secret seasoning blend that it claims makes it "the tastiest guacamole, period." It worked for Colonel Sanders, and while the guacamole here is made with all the traditional ingredients, it's the spice mix that puts it over the top. 

7) Frontera Grill, Chicago

Bacon is still the ruling catchall ingredient, and you know it would have to make an appearance in guacamole. Rick Bayless' legendary Chicago restaurant Frontera Grill has a tomatillo-bacon guacamole with wood-grilled onions, serranos and, of course, bacon. And it's absolutely delicious. 

6) Garduño's, Albuquerque, N.M.

This restaurant is home of the one of most popular offering of tableside guacamole ever (and you can get the t-shirt to commemorate it), thanks to a key role it played in a final season of 'Breaking Bad,' where an overenthusiastic server repeatedly, and without success, pushes tableside guac on the Whites during a serious conversation. But while the characters on 'Breaking Bad' didn't bite, the restaurant says since the episode aired its guacamole sales increased significantly. The recipe has the standard ingredients, all of super-high quality; but nowhere else can replicate this famous ambiance.

5) Cantina 1511, Charlotte, N.C.

Seafood lovers will tell you there are very few things fresh crab doesn't pair with. Now you can add guacamole to that list. The tableside guac at Cantina 1511 features lump crab and goat cheese. There's also a cranberry sauce and walnut variation. And yes, they have a guacamole flight so you can try both of them, along with the traditional version.

4) A.G. Kitchen, New York City

This New York City restaurant is giving guacamole some tropical flare, and lists the tableside pineapple and pomegranate guacamole as one of its signature dishes. If that isn't exotic enough there is also a papaya and mint guacamole option.

3) Rosa Mexicano, Multiple Locations

This restaurant has locations scattered throughout major cities across the country and claims to be one of—if not the first—to start the tableside guacamole trend. It features the traditional ingredients; but its chile paste is what gives this guacamole its signature taste. You can check out a video on the restaurant's website that shows you how to make it.

2) Flying V Bar & Grill, Tuscon, Ariz.

This Arizona restaurant, located inside the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, takes its guacamole extremely seriously. The restaurant employs a 'guacamoliere' who makes your tableside guacamole with a standard recipe but also has a number of unique add-ons like lobster, tequila and papaya. Here's the recipe and the restaurant's complete list of interesting additions; have fun!

1) Toloache, New York City

Here's a restaurant that's not afraid to get unorthodox with its guacamole. The New York City eatery has a frutas guacamole featuring mango, apple, peach, habanero and Thai basil. For those who like it hot you can get the rojo guacamole, with chipotle and queso fresco. They also offer a trio so you can try both aforementioned styles along with the traditional guacamole. When it comes to guac, it doesn't get much better than the one served at chef Julian Medina's Toloache