The Best Cheesesteaks In Philadelphia, Part 8: Campo's Deli

This is part eight of a series of 10 discovering the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for the full ranking, and check out parts one,  two,  three, fourfive, six, and seven

Don't expect anyone to hold your hand at Campo's, an Old City deli that's been making cheesesteaks the same exact way for more than 40 years. You might get served a side of attitude along with your steak (don't ask for extra napkins!), but the cheesesteak here is definitely worth it. They start with a crunchy and airy long Italian roll from Liscio's Bakery (with seeds or without), and load it with a huge amount of ribeye that's been freshly griddled and lightly chopped. Added to that is your choice of American, provolone, or Whiz and onions that might be chopped a little too large, although nobody seems to mind.

Campo's is crowded and not particularly comfortable, but again, people don't line up here for the charm. They come to this family-run shop for that old-school Philly experience... and one heck of a cheesesteak.