The Best Cheesesteaks In Philadelphia, Part 7: Sonny's

This is part seven of a series of 10 discovering the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for the full ranking, and check out parts one,  two,  three, fourfive, and six.

Sonny's Famous Steaks, located on Market Street in Old City, offers a quintessential Philly cheesesteak experience. Old-school and with lines sometimes out the door, this sparse yet welcoming shop knows the right way to make a cheesesteak: They use whole slices of ribeye, tossed on the griddle to order and roughly chopped into big chunks during the cooking process.

A surprisingly large number of cheesesteaks are made with beef that's been pre-cooked and left to steam (and get tough) on the grill, but you won't find any of those shenanigans here; this meat is juicy and beefy to the max. The bread is soft as can be, and when that beef is mixed together with perfectly soft onions and just the right amount of Whiz, you can definitely understand why GQ Magazine named it the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia.