The Best Burrito in Boston Is a Vegetarian Burrito

Where can you find Boston’s best burrito? Our experts say it resides at Anna’s Taqueria

Even carnivores adore Anna’s vegetarian burrito.

To compile our most-recent ranking of the best burritos in the nation, we divided more than 130 burritos by region and tasked nearly 40 burrito experts — among them the Burrito Eater, Charles Hodgkins, and Justin Bolois of First We Feast— to weigh in and vote. We tallied the results, and presented the 35 burritos that came out on top.

When you think about it, the burrito is pretty much the perfect food: completely customizable and entirely portable. You can fill yours will different types of meat, fish, or fowl, or keep it vegetarian — and the only one from Boston that made our list is exactly that.


With six locations in and around the city, Anna’s is the standard-bearer for burritos in Beantown. For vegetarians and carnivores alike, the grilled vegetable burrito is one of the best ways to eat your vegetables you’ll ever encounter: the fresh, hot tortilla is filled with your choice of vegetables including seasoned onions, broccoli, corn, zucchini, squash, eggplant, red onions, sweet potatoes, and seasonal offerings like Brussels sprouts, rolled up with rice, beans, cheese, salsa, and hot sauce. It made it to #26 on our 2015 ranking, and since it’s the only one from Boston named to our list, according to our experts, it’s the best one you can find around town.