The Best and Worst Products at Trader Joe’s Roundup: Part Two

Some food items at this chain are much better than others. Find them all here
Best and Worst Products at Trader Joe’s

The lamb vindaloo is much better than it has any right to be.

Trader Joe’s is unlike any other grocery store around. With so many private-label products that are made exclusively for Trader Joe’s and sold nowhere else, it can be a little daunting to try and figure out what’s worth your money and what isn’t. That’s why we’ve partnered with the folks behind the popular blog What’s Good at Trader Joe’s? to bring you the low-down. Over the past several years, we’ve worked with them to round up their reviews of a wide variety foods in several volumes, resulting in the definitive roundup of the best and worst products at Trader Joe’s. Here’s part two of two; find part one here.

Volume 3
Sugary Impulse Buys: Favorite sugary treats include Speculoos Cookie Butter, gooey Journey to the Center of the Cookie, Dark Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Wafer Cookies, Gummy Tummies, and Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds.

Unusual Good Finds: Unexpected hits include Falafel Chips, Shrimp Corn Dogs, Edamame Tofu Nuggets, Lamb Vindaloo, Edamame Hummus, and Reduced Fat Battered Shrimp.

Easy Dinners: Looking for a quick weeknight meal? The gang suggests Vegetable Masala Burgers, Chicken in Red Mole, Corn Penne Pasta, and Macaroni and Cheese.

Best of the Rest: Other favorites include Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds , Thai Vegetable Kao Soi, Organic Popping Corn, Coconut Water Fruit Floes, Arancini Bites, and Organic Tomatillo and Roasted Yellow Chile Salsa.

Biggest Disappointments: You need to take the good with the bad, and Breakfast Burritos, Chicken Breast in Poblano Sauce, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Pizza al Pollo Asado, and S’Mores didn’t live up to expectations.

Volume 4
Summer Snacks: Salted Caramel Gelato, Key Lime Pie, Organic Strawberry Lemonade, Zucchini Fries, and Fruit Frenzy Bars all make for ideal summer treats.

Party Snacks: Want your guests to love you? Look no further than TJ’s Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites, Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips and Trader José's Chunky Spicy Guacamole Autèntico, Wine Country Chicken Salad, Barbeque Popped Potato Chips, and Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip.

Non-Traditional Salsas and Dips: Tired of plain ol’ tomato salsa? Their Mango Pineapple Salsa, Cowboy Caviar, Avocado Salsa, Pineapple Salsa, and Peach Salsa all make for great alternatives.

Oddball: Good luck finding Sweet Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky, Partially Popped Popcorn, a Fireworks Chocolate Bar, Rosemary & Thyme Maple Toffee Sunflower Seeds,  or Peanut Butter & Jelly with Nonfat Greek Yogurt anywhere else.


Worst Overall: They can’t all be winners; Triple Fruit Threat, Chicken Parmesan Lollipops, Uncrystallized Candied Ginger, Pad See Ew, and Pumpkin Greek Yogurt are all better left on the shelf.