Behind the Swinging Doors: A Look Inside Maialino’s Kitchen

What goes on behind the kitchen doors at Maialino?

Battle Wounds

Jane Bruce

The hands and arms of restaurant kitchen workers tend to be covered in burns and scars. Sticking your arms in and out of hot ovens will do that.

Cacio e Pepe

Jane Bruce

On the left, notes and menus for the staff's reference. On the right, Cacio e Pepe is being made for the last of the breakfast crowd.

A Quick Chat

Jane Bruce

Chef de cuisine Jason Pfeifer, seen from behind, chats with line cook Michael D’Andrilli.

Prep for the Day

Jane Bruce

Chef Pfeifer works across from Donald Butler on prep for the day, scooping out butternut squash and slicing salmon.

Quiet in the Kitchen

Jane Bruce

Between the breakfast and lunch rushes, the kitchen at Maialino is relatively calm.

Risotto Balls and Squash Purée

Jane Bruce

Line cooks Samir Brahmbhatt and Frankie Cheung work on risotto balls and squash purée, respectively.