Bangkok’s ‘Crab Omelette Queen’ Wants to Give Back Her Michelin Star

‘Oh, I wish I could give the star back already’
Crab omelette

Supinya Junsuta, who goes by Jay Fai and runs Raan Jay Fai, Bangkok’s only Michelin-starred street food venue, wants to give her star back. The 72-year-old known as Bangkok’s “crab omelet queen” has crowds lining up for her omelettes, abalone, and noodle dishes but is displeased with her newfound popularity and the never-ending line of customers, bloggers, foodies, and journalists.

"Years and years, I've been struggling to keep this business afloat. Now that we've been singled out and interviewed by journalists, they're coming at us,” she told the Bangkok Post. "Oh, I wish I could give the star back already.”

Since the astronomical rise in business at Raan Jay Fai, the chef has had to stop offering several fried dishes that were previously on the menu due to time constraints. "They take too long to prepare and with the number of customers we have daily, it's impossible to keep up," Jay Fai’s daughter told the publication.

However, the newly Michelin-starred venue is not raising their prices but rather rising to the occasion. According to Eater, Jay Fai has increased her spending on ingredients to meet the high demand for crab omelettes (her specialty) and seafood rad naa noodles.

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