This Website Weighs Your Baby In Big Macs

Many moms-to-be think it's cute to compare the size of a growing baby to inanimate objects. At week 5, for instance, your baby is around the size of a pea. At week 10, the fetus is the size of an heirloom tomato. But a new website called How Many Big Macs Is My Baby? is making a slightly less common comparison.

The Most Unique McDonald's in America

The website, unlike McDonald's, really delivers. Just as it promises, the site will tell you your baby's weight in terms of Big Macs. The weight of a Big Mac that they used was approximately 0.48 pounds, using their calculator. Turns out, babies grow to weigh more burgers than you ever thought could fit in your belly.

The comparison is by weight, not size; so it's not like at 39 weeks your womb will grow to the size of 15 Big Macs. But your baby could weigh that much — at least, according to this website's projections.

Babies grow at all different rates and to all different sizes. So while it's fun to estimate how heavy your child is as your due date approaches, don't give these estimates too much weight. But here are some fun things this website can teach you: It takes the average baby a whole 19 weeks to weigh one whole Big Mac! And at 42 weeks, when the average pregnant woman is ready to pop, the average baby weighs 17 Big Macs.

The page is not affiliated with McDonald's. Instead, the website explains, weighing babies in Big Macs "was just a random fun idea" developed by mom and comedienne Nickey Winkelman "to describe the size of her baby in something more relatable than kale." Carnivores should be pleased. Boyfriend Gabriel Guyer then created the site to celebrate the couple's son's first year of life. 

If you aren't expecting, the site also allows users to enter any weight measurement into a calculator — so you can actually discover how many Big Macs you weigh. This editor, for instance, currently weighs 280 Big Macs; though, she might eat one for lunch, so she's about to weigh 281. Hey, no judgment — the Big Mac isn't even one of the unhealthiest menu items the fast food chain offers.