Award-Winning Goat Cheese In Dallas

Congratulations to Latte Da Dairy of Flower Mound, Texas, for winning second-place medals for their Cabra cheese at the American Dairy Goat Association Annual Cheese Competition (the American Olympics of goat cheese).


Cabra is a hard cheese made of goat's milk, an unusual combination. Rich Rogers, owner and head cheesemonger at one of Dallas' best cheese shops, Scardello Artisan Cheese, describes Cabra as "world class." To prove it, he matched it in a blind taste test at the final of Scardello's "Tour de Fromage" event, and 50 cheese lovers voted their preference for it over Spain's respected Payoyo.


This cheese is made from the milk of Anne and Johnny Jones' Nubian and Lamancha goats. It is creamy and intense, with an alluring complexity. Of all the Latte Da cheeses I have tasted, this is the best yet.


It is available now at both the Oak Lawn and Dallas Farmers Market branches of Scardello Artisan Cheese.