Peak Avocado Toast Is Here, And It's A Marshmallow

If brunch is your life and you always go for avocado toast, XO Marshmallow has reportedly created something you'll either love or hate. The Chicago-based gourmet brand has reimagined the trendy food into a sugary treat you can eat for dessert.

According to Extra Crispy, the sweet and savory snack is made of authentic avocado, chia seeds, pepper, lemon juice, and marshmallow atop another buttery, lightly toasted marshmallow. The serving is reportedly bite-sized — a photo of the treat makes it appear to be about the size of an avocado pit — and a price has not been disclosed. Consumers will be able to order the product through XO Marshmallow's website on Easter Sunday, April 1.

While we're pretty sure this is an April Fools' joke, the idea isn't too far-fetched. After all, the shop also sells marshmallows flavored like bourbon, butterbeer, Champagne, Kahlua, Nutella, and pistachio, among several other varieties. The Daily Meal has reached out to XO Marshmallow for further details.

If you're not into marshmallow but can get diggity down with chocolate, Dominique Ansel has all the answers to your avocado inquiries. The cronut inventor created a superfood hybrid dubbed the "Huevocado" — a brown and bright green chocolate egg filled with mini white-chocolate truffles. The festive confection is available for $22 from March 23 to April 1 in Los Angeles only.

We don't suggest eating avocados in their candy form every single day, but the real deal can help regulate your metabolism and boost your immune system. Need we say more? Here are 20 reasons to eat an avocado every day.