Australian Winery Charged Customer $72 To Cut Birthday Cake

A customer at an Australian winery was stunned to see that she had been charged $72 to have the cake cut at the birthday party she threw for a friend on the premises. A woman who referred to herself as Sue called in to the popular Melbourne radio channel 3AW to reveal the story of how she was charged a cake-cutting fee of $12 per person at a winery on the Mornington Peninsula.

Sue told the station that she and six attendees shared lunch at Stillwater at Crittenden, and that she asked restaurant staff to bring out a cake she had purchased for $10. "If we'd have known we'd have literally cut it with a butter knife," Fox News reports her saying on-air.

Stillwater director and owner Zac Poulier told the Melbourne Herald Sun that the customer was made aware that there was a $6 charge per person and that she had made her original booking for 12 people. "It was in the booking notes under her booking that she might be bringing a cake and she was aware that there would be a cakeage charge," he told the publication.

The "cakeage" charge is currently listed on Stillwater's website, though according to Fox News, the Sun originally reported that it was not at the time. The Daily Meal has reached out to Stillwater at Crittenden regarding the event.

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