Athletes' Food Tweets Slideshow

Garrett Temple, Guard for the Charlotte Bobcats

According to a tweet by Charlotte Bobcats guard, Garrett Temple, there "Ain't nothing like smothered porkchops with rice and gravy." The NBA player is on record as "bringing #soulfood out here to Italy." Is he making his own smothered pork chops? Has he taught someone else to make them? If the NBA lockout continues who knows what kind of new food trends Temple might start in Italy.

Stewart Bradley, Linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals

"This sausage is so tender it tastes like a land scallop," tweeted Arizona Cardinals linebacker Stewart Bradley, reporting on Twitter what his teammate, Lyle Sendlein, noted during their recent dinner.

Jameer Nelson, Point Guard for the Orlando Magic

"Wheatgrass shots have to be the worst tasting thing EVER!!" Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson retweeted his Magic teammate, forward Quentin Richardson, as saying. Apparently neither of them has ever tasted durian.

Athletes Who Cook

Sure, NBA stars enjoy dining in between road games at places like The Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang's China Bistro. But there are plenty of pro athletes learning how to cook for themselves. Milwaukee Bucks forward Luc Mbah a Moute, Houston Rockets small forward Chase Budinger, and Cowboys wide receiver "Fast" Teddy Williams prove that with tweets about grilled tilapia, shrimp tacos, and RO*TEL nachos.

Athletes Love Sushi

Wikimedia Commons/M.Takeuchi

Sushi is not just the refuge for hungry New Yorkers who daren't brave the cold. Detroit Pistons power forward Vernon Macklin craves it, as does Baltimore Orioles outfielder Tyler Henson, and Houston Rockets small forward Chase Budinger.

Athletes That Juice

Wikimedia Commons/avi kedm

In the era of Bonds, Sosa, McGwuire, A-Rod, Giambi, and the like, you'd think every agent out there would have prepped their clients not to start sentences as Cleveland Cavaliers guard Anthony Parker recently did when he tweeted, "Anybody else out there juicing?" Forgive the naïveté for his disclosing his favorite juice combos (juiced beets with carrot and kale, and orange and pineapple) and the recipe for one of his favorite juices: one lemon and one orange (unpeeled), six strawberries.... "Bangin!!!!!!"

Unpaid (?) Athlete Product Endorsements

"The best flavor of Naked juice," tweeted Phoenix Suns forward Hakim Warrick, "#mightymango #thatisall." A seemingly unselfish endorsement in this day and age when many players get paid for saying much less about their favorite drinks, foods, and whatnot.

Restaurant Recommendations

Whether it's a restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Tel Aviv, Israel; or a place for good Tex-Mex, sometimes it's just nice to get some on-the-ground advice from people, er, players used to spending money on food when out on the road. Arizona Diamondbacks second baseman Ryan Roberts and Sacremento Kings guard Joe Crawford have Arizona and Tel Aviv covered when it comes to fajitas and breakfast.

Athletes' Favorite Burgers

Arthur Bovino

Surely Dallas Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher was just confused, or had consumed one too many burgers when he tweeted that, "They have more In-N-Out burgers in Dallas than in Cali.. Why they testing me like that!!! My car always take me there.. Dang!! Lol." But you can forgive the obvious inaccuracy given his passion. So too can you appreciate Cowboy running back DeMarco Murray's tweet love for another burger-chain staple, one that gives native Texans and converts alike something to be excited about: Whataburger.

Culinary Ambivalence

Arthur Bovino

You have to feel for tennis star Andy Roddick. He's the great American hope. And he never delivers. But maybe he should reprioritize. Andy, be like Venus Williams and go with red meat and the last games of the baseball seaon over watching Johnny Depp in Chocolat with a bottle of red. Or maybe, at least rethink tweeting about it.