Applebee’s to Give Food Away on July 21

You can sample new dishes for free on ‘Taste the Change Day’

 Applebee’s has been renovating and revamping their restaurants and menus.

Applebee’s is offering free food on July 21 as part of their “Taste the Change Day” promotion.

The chain restaurant will offer sampler platters of sriracha shrimp and churro s’mores free of charge, along with other new appetizers at a lower sampler price. The shrimp will be brought out as an appetizer and the churros will come out for dessert, reports CNBC.

More than two million servings are expected to be given away as part of the promotion, but Applebee’s is hoping that customers will also order other things on the menu.

"Our new food and new look-and-feel will pleasantly surprise those who haven't visited us in a while," said Applebee’s president Steve Layt in a press release. "We're confident that if they give us a try, they'll be back." 

Chalk this up as another example of Applebee’s going all-in to improve the nation’s leading casual restaurant chain. They’ve also been renovating their restaurants and revamping their menus.

“Now we're positioning ourselves for the next generation of consumers," said Darin Dugan, the brand's senior vice president, in an interview with CNBC. "We're revamping not only the look and feel of restaurants but the food platforms."


The promotion will take place at nearly all Applebee’s locations nationwide.