Apparently The Inedible Pit Of The Avocado Is The Healthiest Part

The humble avocado is nearly unavoidable these days. Whether it's the olds lamenting millennials' preference for avocado toast over homeownership or the youngs fretting over a possible shortage that could lead to guac rationing, the avocado is having a moment. With its good fats, the creamy boost it can add to any sandwich or salad, and its near-unanimous status as the perfect taco topping, we're not surprised at the fruit's ubiquity.

While there's a lot you can do with an avocado, few of us find much use for the pit. Sure, elementary school science classes often turn the avocado pit into a growing plant, and some are used to extract avocado oil, but this giant seed could be so much more. Recent studies have determined that the pit's husk contains compounds that could be used to inhibit tumor growth or create plastics.

The California Avocado Board doesn't recommend eating the avocado seed, so it could be a while before we see these pit-full benefits put to work. The creamy part of the avocado is still plenty good for you, though, so in the meantime, order your tacos, load up your toast, and keep 'gramming it all (even if only to confuse the olds).