This App Tells You If the McDonald's McFlurry Machine Is Working

It’s available for free in the iTunes store

It might seem like every time you go to McDonald’s, the McFlurry machine is always broken. Alright, maybe not every time, but often enough to be extremely frustrating. This epidemic has sparked an outrage among the fast food fan community. People just want their ice cream!

To lessen the inevitable blow of rejection at the drive-thru, an app was created to indicate the nearest working McDonald’s ice cream machines. The app is called “Ice Check” and it works in real time using crowdsourced information.

According to Buzzfeed, the app’s creator, Raina McLeod, came up with the idea after “a late-night Oreo McFlurry craving went unfulfilled due to the ice cream machine being down.”

Her product’s description reads: “Just let the GPS locator lead you to the nearest cone, sundae, milkshake, or McFlurry!”

The app was created for McDonald’s ice cream lovers who are “sick and tired of hearing the ‘machine is down.’” Real-time updates save you “time and energy, leading you to ice cream machines that actually work BEFORE you get on line to order.”

Ice Check has access to McDonald’s restaurants around the globe. As an incentive, users can unlock “money saving deals.” It’s available for free in the iTunes store now.


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