This Is The Best Burger In America

When it comes to a great burger, certain qualities are universal must-haves: high-quality beef, proper seasoning, well-proportioned components and an overall attention to detail that many would call "making it with love." Every year, we set out to rank the 101 best burgers in America, and it's never an easy process. After assembling a survey listing hundreds of burgers from around the country and sending it out to a panel of culinary authorities, one burger rose to the top: The H+F cheeseburger served at Atlanta's Holeman & Finch Public House.

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In order to make this showstopping burger, two 4-ounce patties of freshly ground, pasture-raised chuck and brisket are seasoned with salt and griddled until crusty (one of the reasons restaurant burgers always taste better than yours). The patties are then topped with American cheese, bread-and-butter pickles and red onions and served on a buttered and toasted house-baked pain de mie (a soft, white milk bread) bun.

Fresh-cut fries and housemade ketchup and mustard are served alongside. It's only $17, a relative bargain compared to some of America's most expensive burgers.

When you visit, be sure to grab a drink at the bar before settling in for your meal; Holeman & Finch is also one of the best bars in America. There was a time when only 24 H+F burgers were sold each night at this super popular gastropub from chef Linton Hopkins, which has been drawing crowds since 2008, but thankfully for us, that's no longer the case.

This burger is so popular that it's even spawned its own spinoff restaurant, H&F Burger, which serves the same burger but in a more fast-casual setting. But in our opinion, this burger is best enjoyed at the place of its birth. One bite and you'll agree that it deserves to top the list of the very best burgers in America.