America's 20 Most Gluttonous Cities Slideshow

#1 New York City


Is it really a surprise that New York City tops the list of most gluttonous cities? With its population density, it makes sense that there would be an extremely high saturation of restaurants (both fast-food and full-service) across the five boroughs. While the rate of adult obesity in New York City is near the low end of the spectrum for this list, the city's consistently high scores in the other categories throughout the metropolitan area makes it the most gluttonous.

Grocery Stores: 4,750 (Brooklyn is the borough with the most stores)
Fast-Food Restaurants: 7,327
Full-Service Restaurants: 5,501
Adult Obesity Rate: 22.3%

#2 Detroit


While the statistics for the truly gluttonous city of Detroit are enough to land it on this list, the numbers for the surrounding suburbs in the metropolitan area put the city in second place. In particular, neighboring Oakland County made the list for the number of fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and obesity rates.

Grocery Stores: 509
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,052
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,197
Adult Obesity Rate: 33.7%

#3 Dallas


The top-scoring Texas city on the list, Dallas boasts one of the highest obesity rates in the group. The lofty numbers of fast-food restaurants and obese citizens in Fort Worth, which is part of the Dallas metropolitan area, secure the area at number three.

Grocery Stores: 366
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,581
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,831
Adult Obesity Rate: 28.3%

#4 Houston

Across the board, Houston shows consistently high numbers in each gluttonous category. The city's stats beat out Dallas' at nearly every level, except its obesity rate.

Grocery Stores: 711
Fast-Food Restaurants: 2,369
Full-Service Restaurants: 2,691
Adult Obesity Rate: 26.7%

#5 Miami

Considering how beach-conscious this coastal Florida city is, it's hard to believe that it is one of the nation's most gluttonous metropolises.

Grocery Stores: 598
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,641
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,415
Adult Obesity Rate: 22.4%

#6 Las Vegas


It should come as no surprise that the City of Sin secured a spot on the list. With the throngs of endless buffets and dozens of top-tier restaurants, Vegas is known as a destination for excess. However, recognizing the relatively low population density, it is very interesting that the city ranks so high on the list.

Grocery Stores: 263
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,089
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,607
Adult Obesity Rate: 26%

#7 Columbus, Ohio


The numbers for Columbus proper may seem fairly low in comparison to the other cities on the list, however, the contributing stats of the surrounding metropolitan area boost this Ohio city's ranking.

Grocery Stores: 239
Fast-Food Restaurants: 725
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,023
Adult Obesity Rate: 30.9%

#8 Chicago

With regards to the city proper, Chicago has one of the highest overall scores. However, the surrounding area weighs down the city's ultimate ranking. This is one of the only cases where taking the entire metropolitan area into account decreased the gluttony ranking of a city.

Grocery Stores: 1,397
Fast-Food Restaurants: 3,502
Full-Service Restaurants: 3,925
Adult Obesity Rate: 25.2%

#9 San Diego


San Diego is second to Los Angeles in terms of population density for the state of California, however, this West Coast metropolis outscores the Hollywood hot spot with regards to gluttony.

Grocery Stores: 603
Fast-Food Restaurants: 2,243
Full-Service Restaurants: 2,357
Adult Obesity Rate: 21.7%

#10 Philadelphia


This historical city is home to more than 1,000 full-service restaurants, and boasts one of the highest obesity rates on the list.

Grocery Stores:462
Fast-Food Restaurants:983
Full-Service Restaurants:1,196
Adult Obesity Rate: 30.27%

#11 Sacramento, Calif.


One of the many California cities on this list, Sacramento has nearly the same number of fast-food and full-service restaurant establishments.

Grocery Stores: 263
Fast-Food Restaurants: 899
Full-Service Restaurants: 994
Adult Obesity Rate: 26.7%

#12 San Antonio


One of the greatest discrepancies on this list is the number of grocery stores in San Antonio, versus the number of restaurants in the city. It would appear that the citizens of San Antonio prefer dining out to dining in.

Grocery Stores: 157
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,094
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,192
Adult Obesity Rate: 25.6%

#13 Orlando, Fla.

Wikimedia Commons/Dominican

Considering that this city is home to the "Happiest Place on Earth," perhaps vacation-seekers are skewing Orlando's gluttonous tendencies.

Grocery Stores: 236
Fast-Food Restaurants: 910
Full-Service Restaurants: 845
Adult Obesity Rate: 23.7%

#14 Austin, Texas

The greater Austin area has one of the lowest rates of obesity on the list. However, the number of full-service restaurants in the area places the city close to the middle of the pack.

Grocery Stores: 128
Fast-Food Restaurants: 776
Full-Service Restaurants: 829
Adult Obesity Rate: 22.7%

#15 Los Angeles


For a city so famously known for valuing physical appearance, it seems curious that greater Los Angeles would have such an outrageous number of restaurants. On the flip side, the city's obesity rate is one of the lowest on the list.

Grocery Stores: 2,058
Fast-Food Restaurants: 6,970
Full-Service Restaurants: 7,165
Adult Obesity Rate: 20.9%

#16 San Francisco


Far and away, the most notable feature of gluttony in San Francisco is the number of fast-food restaurants. For a city with the perception of having such a vibrant dining culture, it's quite shocking to note the trailing number of full-service restaurants.

Grocery Stores: 332
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,632
Full-Service Restaurants: 755
Adult Obesity Rate: 16.3%

#17 Santa Clara, Calif.


This college town has more fast-food restaurants than full-service eateries. Perhaps being located in the heart of the Silicon Valley has an influence on the demand for quick meals.

Grocery Stores: 346
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,490
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,292
Adult Obesity Rate: 20.2%

#18 Oakland


This coastal northern California city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the region, and the metropolis also has one of the lowest obesity rates on the list.

Grocery Stores: 366
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,317
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,092
Adult Obesity Rate: 19.5%

#19 Riverside, Calif.


This citrus-industry powerhouse, happens to be one of the smallest California cities on the list, yet it has one of the state's highest rates of obesity.

Grocery Stores: 340
Fast-Food Restaurants: 1,101
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,315
Adult Obesity Rate: 28.6%

#20 San Bernardino, Calif.

Wikimedia Commons/le909

Often associated with its neighboring city, Riverside, San Bernardino is a thriving metropolis in its own right. It seems only appropriate that the birthplace of McDonald's would secure a spot on the list.

Grocery Stores: 320
Fast-Food Restaurants: 937
Full-Service Restaurants: 1,352
Adult Obesity Rate: 26.2%