These are America’s 13 Wildest and Weirdest Ice Cream Trucks

These definitely aren’t your run-of-the-mill ice cream trucks

Florida's Tikiz truck boasts water misters, strobe lights, and a self-serve 'surv-board.'

It’s probably pretty easy for you to conjure an image of an ice cream truck in your head right now: white and shiny, rolling down the street playing a familiar jingle, with a big open window and photos of all its frozen offerings pasted to the side. But if you think that every ice cream truck out there looks like that and serves the same menu, think again. Because these 13 trucks really don’t fit the mold.

America’s 13 Wildest and Weirdest Ice Cream Trucks (Slideshow)

While some ice cream truck owners are perfectly content driving around in a carbon copy of every other truck out there (or aren’t allowed to make significant changes because of franchising rules), some ice cream truck owners really go out of their way to stand out. As opposed to the usual Mister Softee or Good Humor trucks, the more unique trucks are usually independently owned (or part of a small fleet) and run by folks that don’t just have an eye for design, they also know how to make some really good (and really unique) ice cream.

Some of these trucks are offshoots of already-established ice cream shops, some roam the streets of their hometowns, some are only available to cater parties and private events, and some are members of small fleets or local brands trying to make a name for themselves, but they all have one thing in common: There’s nothing else quite like them out there.


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