America’s Best Chinese Restaurants Part 6: San Tung

This San Francisco gem is crowded every night of the week

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Eric Molina/ CC4.0

San Tung's dry-fried chicken wings are the stuff of legend. 

This is part four in a series revealing America’s best Chinese restaurants. Find part one herepart two here, and part three here, part four here, and part five here, and stay tuned for the complete ranking.

This perennially packed restaurant serves an array of dough-based items like dumplings and fresh-cut noodles (try the shrimp and leek dumplings or dry black bean sauce noodles), but the dish that has most people lined up out the door nearly every night are the dry-fried chicken wings. With a sticky-sweet exterior, they’re about as far from Buffalo as you can get and come slicked with spicy garlic sauce bolstered by even more red chile heat. Forego the rice and snag some garlic string beans to counteract all that heat.


The no-frills dining room doesn’t give the impression that this restaurant is any more special than the many others in San Francisco, but one taste of menu items including shrimp and leek dumplings, hot and sour soup, and dry fry beef will have you sold.