Alton Brown Rails Against Useless One-Trick Kitchen Gadgets In Funny Video

Alton Brown may be the king of demonstrating cool food hacks on his popular Food Network show "Good Eats."

But when it comes to one-trick gadgets that promise to make cooking easier, the celebrity chef is definitely not a fan.

In a new video for The Daily Dot, Brown rallies against one-trick kitchen ponies like a $5 strawberry slicer and a multi-edge brownie pan, which he's dubbed "unitaskers."

"You buy these items, you use them and then they simply pile up until you have to tear down your house and build another one," says a sarcastic Brown.

While picking apart the different items, Brown even takes a stab at the all-in-one Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker.

"The Food Network TV show you saw this on is called 'Cutthroat Kitchen.' It was a given as a sabotage—that means a bad thing," the celebrity says, chastising an Amazon reviewer who says they purchased the device after seeing it on television. "And this pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen in my life."