Alton Brown Announces Premiere Date For Return Of 'Good Eats'

"Good Eats" is back, baby. TV personality Alton Brown took to social media to announce the premiere date for the relaunch of the cult-favorite cooking show, which aired its final episode in February of 2012. Shortly after its conclusion, the entertainer told Nerdist podcast, "I've put 'Good Eats' into cryogenic holding. I'm not saying it's gone. I didn't shoot it in the head. I didn't kill it. But after 13 solid years of production, I needed a break."

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Looks like seven years did the trick (during which Brown appeared on "Iron Chef America," "Cutthroat Kitchen," "Good Eats Reloaded" and more). The 56-year-old revealed that there would be a revival of "Good Eats" while on a book tour in 2017, but he only recently disclosed when it would actually grace the small screen. In an Instagram video filmed on the show's new set, the self-described "Thyme Lord" told viewers to "get [their] viewing parties ready" for August 25 at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Brown also mentioned he'd be live on social media during the first episode, which will air on Food Network just as it did in the past. He didn't disclose which platform he'd be streaming on, but our best guess is Instagram at @altonbrown — though he is also Twitter's most influential foodie. Before "Good Eats" returns and brings back all the feels, take a walk down memory lane with these quips about Food Network stars and who they were before they made it big.