Alton Brown is Giving Up Alcohol. Here’s Why

The Food Network host is dropping all booze for a year

Food Network

Brown is one of Food Network's biggest stars.

Alton Brown definitely seems like the kind of guy we’d want to have a couple whiskeys with, but that’s going to be out of the question for the next year. Earlier this summer, the host of Cutthroat Kitchen (and the former host of Good Eats) announced via Facebook that he’s giving up all alcohol for an entire year.

“Having decided to take a year-long break from alcohol, I've adopted a new go-to beverage: sparkling water and aromatic bitters,” he posted. “Yes, most bitters contain around 30% alcohol but we're talking 8-10 drops here so I think I'm good.”

So why is Brown getting on the wagon? He explained his reasoning in a follow-up post:

“Since so many of you are asking ... I turned 53 yesterday and decided to give myself an alcohol free year,” he wrote. “Not because I have a problem, but for various reasons. The last few years saw a sharp rise in my ethanol intake. On top of that, I've put on weight. So...”

So good for you Alton! We’ll be cheering you on all year long. 

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