Aldi’s New Programmable Pressure Cooker Is Practically Half the Price of an Instant Pot

It’s only available for a limited time

Aldi is selling a programmable pressure cooker that is a total dupe for the super trendy Instant Pot, and it’s cheaper too.

Depending on where you get it, a full-size Instant Pot can easily cost you $100. Typically, it’s worth shelling out the cash for the super popular pressure cooker, as it can quickly make a whole bunch of recipes that normally require long cook times. However, Aldi is currently selling an Instant Pot dupe for $60, and it does all the same things.

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The Ambiano 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is on sale at Aldi beginning December 5. It not only looks just like an Instant Pot, but like an Instant Pot it combines multiple kitchen appliances in one, features smart programs so you can cook things like pizza, rice, cake, poultry, soup, or even make yogurt in your pressure cooker, and it can even customize slow cooking between 30 minutes and nine and a half hours. Plus, it retails for $40 less than your average Instant Pot.


Because it’s an “Aldi Finds” product, the Ambiano 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker will only be available in limited quantities and for a limited time in Aldi stores nationwide. If you’ve always been interested in Instant Pot and never had one but plan on snagging one of these pressure cookers from Aldi, check out our guide to Instant Pot for beginners.