Aervana: A Wine Aerator Unlike Any Other

The world’s first electric wine aerator is extremely cool

The Aervana aerates wine and dispenses it directly into your glass.

A new wine accessory called Aervana has hit the market, and it’s one of the coolest aeration devices we’ve encountered. The product is essentially a long straw with a spout attached to it, and when affixed to a wine bottle it aerates the wine and dispenses it into your glass with the push of a button.

The Aervana is the first electric wine aerator and the first designed to keep sediment in the bottle and not in the glass. Users don’t even have to lift their bottles of wine to use it. But does it actually work? We received a sample of the product, which retails for $99.98, and put it to the test.

The fact of the matter is, even if it didn’t aerate the wine, the Aervana would still be extremely cool. If you’ve ever used a wine dispenser machine like Enomatic you’ll know how cool it is to push a button and get a steady stream of wine right out of the bottle without having to pour it; This contraption allows you to have the same experience with a single bottle.

But Aervana does aerate the wine, and it makes a big difference. The company encourages users to pour a small amount from the bottle into a glass before inserting the device, then aerate some into a separate glass and try them side-by-side. The aeration really does make a difference in flavor, whether it’s used for a cheap or expensive bottle.

The only downside to Aervana that I could find was the fact that, in an effort to prevent any sediment from being sucked up, a fair amount of wine is left in the bottom of the bottle. It’s honestly not a big deal. Clean-up is also fairly easy; just pour some warm water into the empty bottle and run it through the machine.


There’s one perk to Aervana that also makes it fun for parties: You can forego the glass entirely and dispense the wine directly into your mouth, porrón-style. But we didn’t tell you that.